Sunday night in our house is MDC night ……… MDC?????????? You might ask – well it is very very easy MOM DOESNT COOK.

This has been going on for years, and every Sunday night like clockwork Jamie looks at me and asks:

“Mom whats for dinner tonight”

I reply “Wattevva”  gosh I like saying that.

“OH? ……… Why?”


Then –  a few seconds later, Rosie will come bounding down the stairs, (I don’t know why but she is always upstairs when it is cook dinner time).

“Mom whats for dinner?”

“Whatever you want”  I reply

“Oh goodie can you make us pancakes”

OK let me try again, “Whatever you want ……… TO COOK YOURSELF!”


Every Sunday, Jamie and Rosie eat microwave eggs.  Now microwave eggs mean you take 3 eggs, beat them into a deep pudding bowl and then microwave them till they puff up to the size of a standard pillow.  They then chuck a piece of bread on either side of the egg-pillow, add tomato sauce, and chomp away.  If I ever served them microwave eggs they would crack.

Anyway, this Sunday something was different.  There was a clattering, and the thunk, thunk of knives hitting boards, the whirr of something being beaten, the sizzle of butter in the pan, the black smoke of a major fire in my kitchen.  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! BLACK SMOKE COMMING OUT OF MY KITCHEN.

I dash out, well sort of crawl out and make my way towards the kitchen area just as Jamie is sitting down to a delicious looking omelette.

“Ummm, Jamie ……… where is all the black smoke coming from?”

“I dunno”

I quickly check the kitchen and the only evidence of fire is the smoke in the air – now I am definitely a believer in the “where there’s smoke there’s fire” saying.  Nothing.  No burnt pot, no dishtowel simmering away on the gas ring …… no nothing.

I follow the smoke and my nose lands firmly smack bang in the middle of Jamies omelette.

“Jamie did you burn your food’

“Not really ….. well maybe just a little ….. and only on the bottom”

I gingerly lift up the omelette and a little black puff of smoke bursts out.  The bottom of the omelette is like a black tekkie sole, the rest looks ok though.

“Are you enjoying that Jamie?”


He is happy.

Now this got me thinking once I could breathe properly.  We are all so busy looking for perfection, for the ultimate thing or feeling that will guarantee lifelong happiness, that we sometimes forget that  maybe something flawed or not so perfect will make us just as happy – without the sukkle.  So what if your friends aren’t the “it” crowd, or if you don’t own the big house or car you dream about.  If you are happy its all that counts.  Happiness is happiness – it doesn’t worry about how big your dreams are, it bubbles up all by itself regardless of what you have or haven’t got.

Enjoy the happiness and the people and things that make you happy, and treasure them.

And it took a burnt omelette to work this out.

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