I was lying in my bed when I heard the sound.  THUD – nothing more just THUD, not a loud THUD mind you – just a little plasticky THUD. 

I look at Frans “Thats my camera”

“Impossible” he replies.

I quickly go downstairs and there in all its glory is my camera lying on the slate floor, and one of the children (who will not be named) standing next to it.  In a nutshell – “they who will not be named” picked up my camera bag, I had left the zip undone and all the contents had gone-a-falling.

The camera is looking surprisingly unscathed.

I pick it up …… l look at it ……. I turn it on – OUCH!!!!! Immediately the WHIRRRRRRR of camera death starts …….. this is not good.

Now I am sad about my beloved camera, I feel sorry for “they who shall not be named” for this huge mistake, I am angst about the lecture I am going to get from Frans – all wives you know the one “well why didn’t you zip up the bag” or “you know you shouldn’t leave the camera there” and I am devastated about all the lost future memories.  All in all this is a crappy situation.

So this all happens on a Sunday morning and I silently stew the whole day.  On Monday I phone our insurance people, and low and behold we are covered, no hassle, no bother, small excess.  So off  to PE I a-trundle to go and find a new best friend.

Since I got my camera and now things have drastically changed.  The choice of what cameras can do is mind blowing and very very confusing.  All I want to do is capture memories.  Now cameras come with movie, panoramic, night scene, portrait, backlight portrait, backlight, spotlight, hand held twilight, Macro, low bright, landscape, tripod night, night portrait and baby – BABY?????  And this is just one of the mode dials. 

The booklet of instructions is bigger than the camera.

There is even a setting that automatically detects when everyone in the picture is smiling and snaps away. HUH!!!! I want to meet the person who worked this one out.  Why didn’t Sony just give the camera legs and arms (its already got an intelligent brain) and call it a person?

Anyway – off I walk with this newer, cleverer camera.  But, ya know what?  I liked the old camera.  I liked the way it felt in my hands, I liked the way it took photos, I liked the way I knew exactly what to do with it all the time.

Now imagine if you could just get a “ new”  every time there is a THUNK in your life.

Say Frans and I have an argument – THUNK!!!! – yes everything looks fine on the outside but inside something is broken.  So off you go and get a new Frans.  So the new model might be shiner and newer, it might come with a six-pack and a lovely feature that agrees with everything I say.  But to be quite honest if I got a new and up-graded Frans I wouldn’t know what to do with it.  Unless,  on the maybe/possibility  it had an incredible likeness to George Clooney.

But there is one very big problem,  I have no idea how to operate the new Frans.  And you know what?  I am so used to the old Frans that it is too much of a schlep to learn all the new functions of the new Frans.  I don’t need a huge instruction book with the old Frans.  I know which buttons to press and which ones to leave alone.   I know what time of day to operate the old Frans and which weather conditions aren’t great for performance. 

However, all said and done, I didn’t even scratch the surface with all the functions with the old camera because I simply didn’t need all it had to offer.  So living with the same person every day is a lovely journey of discovery and learning from each other every day.  Its about adapting as your needs change.

And ……….. you may ask ……. what if Frans wants an upgrade?

 Well every year he gets a BIGGER and BETTER version of me!

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