THE BEGINNING …….. Empty Nest!

The very first topic given to me for the blog was “Empty Nest”

Now to be absolutely honest, and I mean deeply, deeply honest, I yearn for an empty nest.

I am quite sure that if we lived in China, Frans and I would be arrested for breaking some kind of hideous “Overpopulation” law.  If we lived in TV land we would have been sent off to Terranova because the Loots family simply suck in too much oxygen – there are too many of us.

Empty nest means to me that I can get onto my bike and not worry about at what stage the bike is going to fall to bits because Jamie has “loaned” (read loaned without telling me) a strategic bit off it.  A toothbrush that hasnt been used to clean a bicycle chain would be a treat – QUESTION TO SELF – Why do they always use my toothbrush?  Empty nest means that at any given time I will be able to lay my hands on a hairbrush, nailclipper, nail polish remover or pair of scissors without having to put my life in my hands and enter Rosies badroom – oops – bedroom.

Empty nest means I can buy a slab of chokkie and not have to hide it.

Frans and I are NEVER alone. There is always an under-17 someone lurking somewhere, taking something, making something and breaking something.  We are always taking, fetching, helping, cleaning, moaning and consoling.

Its not to say I dont like my full nest, but being the mother of a handicapped child (and yes the word handicapped is correct – words like special needs, challenged and needy do not cut it for me), a fourteen year old boy and a pre-teen girl – and all their friends, is simply exhausting and chokka-to-the-rooftops busy.

We also spend many hours bonding, laughing, talking and playing.

Those things I will miss ……… but right now I could sure use a hairbrush……


Sorry guys the only blog tip I can give you is to start ……. put those first words onto your screen.  For the first time ever I couldnt write anything and the words EPIC FAIL! kept dancing before my eyes.  How this is all going to pan out?  I have no idea but lets just give it a bash!

2 thoughts on “THE BEGINNING …….. Empty Nest!

  1. I know how you feel. Every time I go to get ready, it is exhausting. I can never locate my hairbrush, make-up or anything else. Although, I think myself and my husband would be so boring without kids. I am not ever looking forward to having an empty nest. I don’t know what we would do with all of our free time. That was a nice blogging tip and so true.

    Great Post!


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