By now the story is out, in fact it is old news ……… the Olympics are here.  So here in fact SA has already nabbed itself 2 Goldies.

Sport for once has taken over our Televisions, our dining room table, our bedrooms our everything.  The PVR schedule is full from Ping-Pong to (a firm favourite) womans beach volleyball.

Chad Le Clos’s win over Phelps last night was a feather in the SA swimming cap.  And as well as Chad did, the real star and the entertainment of the evening was Bert ……………… Bert??? 


Well …………. Chaddy-super-duper-swimmer-boy has a Dad, and his name is Bert, and Bert from the looks of things is just about the proudest Pop on the planet.

Bert – last night was amazing, he was swathed in a SA Flag and throughout the swim he was cheering on his son, his beer boep was poking out of the top of his pants, he stood there with the “Lance Armstrong arm V” when Chad won and his facial expression just screamed “thats MY booitjie”.  Tears of happiness overcame him at his sons win that he deemed it necessary to mop his tears with the SA flag, I, personally was waiting for him to give a good ole nose blow into the Flag.

None of this stupid British reserved stiff-upper-lip business for Bert, he showed us how to cheer for our Olympians in a Proudly South African way.

Now Bert simply did last night what every parent dreams of doing when watching their kid at an event.  I bet you beforehand Chad got  THE SPEECH – you know the one:

“Son as long as you try your best, it doesn’t matter if you don’t win – we are proud of you!”  I bet he added, “Just being here makes you a winner!”  Whilst all the time his body is screaming “YOU GO OUT THERE BOET AND CRUSH THE COMPETITION”.

Bert, and Mrs Bert (who was also overcome with emotion but a lot less flamboyant) have most probably done the parent pool time.  As any swimmer parent knows, there is a lot of to and fromming to training.  At galas you are normally roped in as a time keeper which equals – you sit at the pool for 6 hours and your kid will swim for 38 seconds.  You have travelled 100’s of km to Galas to watch your child swim for 38 seconds.  You have watched your child shave all body hair off himself just to attain a 100th of a second advantage – you have sat with your child for the next 3 weeks scratching from the re-growth.

Bert – I salute you!  YOU made my night – I felt proud for you and your family for I understand the sacrifices you went through for Chads win last night.


  1. What do you think the lady next to him was whispering? Could make a nice “fill in the words” competition!!

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