You all know that cycling Ad ……. yip you do know!  It starts with this plumpish oke looking longingly at a group of cyclists, they are all in club kit, and they are cycling in a pack as only cyclists can do.  Next thing plump oke is sweating it away on a bike, not in club kit and definitely not as cyclists do.   But as in all good Ad’s plump oke overcomes all obstacles, becomes one of the cyclists and gets his club kit – and all in 30 seconds.  It can’t actually be a particularly good ad because I have no idea what the ad is for but the story is good.

Now this is Ad is playing out in my house in real time.

Seven days ago Frans announces that he is going to cycle the Pennypinchers Karoo to Coast Race.

The Pennypinchers Karoo to Coast is a particularly gruelling Mountainous Cycle race starting in Uniondale and finishing in Knysna – 100 km’s of pure hell.  From what I have heard there is even a farmers truck or two which are dedicated to the many cyclists who fall and break bones and bikes – these trucks are called the “meat wagons”.

The blurb on the dedicated website states:

The Lions Karoo to Coast is a 100km offroad race from UNIONDALE to KNYSNA via the Prince Alfred’s Pass 100 km offroad Race and is not for the faint-hearted !!!

Now whilst I have the deepest respect for my Husbands sporting ability, all of his achievements have happened on water, all of them have happened whist he is sitting on a yacht – he is a respected YACHTSMAN, cycling however a different kettle of fish.

I also know he will do it.  He does these things and once he sets his mind on something little will come between him and his goal (hopefully not a vehicle named the Meat Wagon)

In the past his Yachts have been masterpieces, they are primped and tweaked, Banjo he built and finished building himself ………. so lets see what he is going to ride the K2K on:

Bike – A twenty year old Gary Fisher with no shocks or suspension of any kind.

Helmet – Bought at the same time as the bike – it doesn’t look the same as Jamies helmet.

Kit – None

Cleats – none

Pump – one

So off he goes on his first 30 km training session ever.

On his twenty year old bike, with his twenty year old helmet, wearing a “Mykonos offshore Race” T-shirt, baggies  and running shoes.  In  his hand is his handheld GPS – last seen being used in the Simonstown to St Helena Race on Banjo.

“Ummmmm, Sweetheart whats that for???”   I ask.

“Gonna use it as my speedometer”

Will someone tell the man he is cycling and not sailing!!!!

He Loved it.

Now Jamie begins to see the benefits in his Dad being bitten by the cycling bug.  Our dinner table has been taken over by cycling chatter – mostly about how the two of them are going to tackle this gruelling experience.  Frans sees the K2K as an experience – Jamie only has one speed on a bike – FLET OUT!  Jamie is talking about all the kit they need to do the K2K – Frans is adamant he can do it with what he has on hand.

Jamie wants a sponsor – Frans tells him he already has one – DAD!

Jamie is talking about camel-packs, Go-Pro’s, 29’ers, tubes, kits, more tubes, energy bars, when to drink water, arm warmers, leg warmers, Borat looking suits and training programmes.  Jamie is talking about how to tackle the hills up and down – Frans is working out how much heaver a bike is than a back-pack for the push-to-cycle ratio  – Frans is thinking about survival rates.

Both are totally ignoring each others K2K bubble of expectations.

My boys are bonding on a level I never would have imagined.

On the 23rd of September my boys are going to be at the start-line of the K2K, along with 3000 other riders.    Rosie and I will be there to cheer them on at the Start and the finish.

The St Helena Island yacht race was our “mid-life crisis” thing.  I am not sure what this is.

I am loving this common thread of cycling that is starting to weave its way into our lives – Jamie, Rosie and myself all love our cycling and it looks like big-bad-Dad might just join us.

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