11 year old girl

I am really battling to understand 11 year old girl world.

Now please remember the only training ground I have had is 11 year old boy world.  And, to be quite honest how 11 year old girls and 11 year old boys co-exist on the same planet, universe and time zone I have no idea because two creatures could not be further apart.

So, let’s look at 11 year old boy world.  This is a place of magic.  Yip,  magic.  Let’s say Jamie has to go to a cycle race.  Miraculously he is registered for the event, his bag is packed, checklists are magically checked, food is prepared.  On the morning all he has to do is mince downstairs, get into the car and off to the event.  He is secure in the knowledge that while he has been sleeping, watching TV, socialising and the other millions of things that 11 year old boys do, that a troop of fairies have been hovering around to pander to his every need and prance around and get everything done for him.

15 year old boys however live in a more stressful world.  Fairies don’t do bikes, or, when they do do bikes, they do it wrong.   So 15 year old boys actually get up from the TV, bed, socialising and remove themselves from the million other things 15 year old boys do, and prepare their own bikes.  They clean them, pack them and service them.  No fairies required.

We have a lovely fairy living in our house.  Her name is Me!

11 year old girls on the other hand are hardworking individuals.  Rosie is busy preparing to go on a school camp.  She has had the list of required items for the camp taped to her wall for weeks now.  Pre-camp stress items were:

  1. Arriving home with the camp form and saying “If you don’t book and pay for this TODAY the world will come to a sudden end and we will all die a gruesome death”.
  2. “If we don’t pack for the camp TODAY!”  (2 months prior to the event) ……. yip you got it, the world will come to a sudden end and we will all die a gruesome death.
  3. “Mom I have filled in the camp forms for you if you don’t sign it NOW ……… the world will come to an end and we will all die a gruesome death!!!!”

Now our house fairy is pretty bored, she is used to 11 year old boys and this is a new experience.

Anyway ……… the day before the Camp dawns, 5 am in fact.  Rosie comes and says, “please Fairy will you help me pack for the Camp?”

HUH????   “Havent you been packing, re-packing, checking, ticking and re-checking for this Camp for the last two years?”

“NOTHINGHASBEENDONEICANTGOTOCAMPHELPMEHELPME!!!!”  And don’t forget ……… the world as we know it will come to an end and we will all die a gruesome death if I don’t help with packing for camp.

WHEN?  – Now!

So Fairy sets out to pack for camp. 

Things aren’t looking too bad in camp land.  Clothes are laid out, duvet, pillow, towels, toiletries, Bible and unnecessary  necessities are all accounted for.

“Fairy ………. please have you got a knife, fork, spoon, cup and plate for me”

Easy Peasy – I like this job.

So off Me goes to get out the camping knife, fork, spoon, cup and plate.  Me washes them and puts them with a drying cloth in a drawstring bag.

Rosie comes down and unpacks the bag.  Her face drops ……. “Havent you got another cup for me?  Ummmm maybe the knife, fork and spoon aren’t quite right and, haven’t we got another plate?”

“Ya Rose, just go and choose something out of the one million things we have to choose from”

Again her face drops, “I really want you to choose for me!”

OK!  I just repack all the stuff into the drawstring bag.  “There I have chosen!”

Its going to be an interesting year.

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