I have never truly been able to believe in guardian angels.

Firstly, what do they look like?  Are they dressed in little white togas bearing harps?  Do they have wings?  Are they smothered in a glimmering glow and emit the sound “DaaaaaaaaaaDaaaaaaaa” softly when you come across them?  Or do they zap down in a loud CRACK, accompanied by a blinding flash of light? Are they animal, human, vegetable or mineral?  Do they come from God?  Why are they sent to a particular person?

Many faiths tell us that each human being is given an angel at birth, one whose responsibility it is to guard, protect and guide us through life. These guardian angels communicate through dreams, whispers in our soul and sometimes through others.

I have always pictured my own personal guardian angel to look just a bit like a Fairy Godmother,  a bit ditsy, overweight, wielding a midget size wand that zapps out amazing couture on my bad clothes day.  She (and it is a she) will supply me with unique transport when I need it most.  And, of course she will sort out my date issues if I have no-one to go to the prom with.  However, bloody Cinderella, by some cruel twist of fate, got my guardian angel.  And, although some amazing and inexplicable things have happened to me, I have yet to get a full visual, or, recognize my Guardian Angel.

Anyway ……. I digress.  This year I began to believe in guardian angels, or more, guardian angels who are living through real people who are smoothing the path for my kids.

Firstly there is Rosie.  For a million reasons, but, mainly one – being she could be at a school that would enable her to do extra-murals without a huge amount of travelling – Rosie changed schools at the beginning of this year.

For absolutely unknown reasons, one of the student leaders took Rosie under her wing and really smoothed the path for Rosie at her new school.  Now starting a new school in Grade 6, well to me anyway, must be just awful.  Friendships have been solidly established since Grade 1, sports teams have been cast in stone.  School Library monitors,  school newspaper editorial students have been targeted from a young age.  Teachers have known kids since they were little and have watched them grow up and develop.  And along comes a new kid that nobody knows, and to be quite honest they have just got to slip in and huck it out.

Right from Rosies first day this young lady showed Rosie the ropes, introduced her to many people and generally opened  doors  that wouldn’t have normally been opened for the new kid.  Remember now, Rosie was not in her class, or even in her Grade.  Throughout the year she was just always there for Rosie – a guardian Angel ……….. I think so.

Jamie, on the other hand, as always, comes with a more interesting story.  I think when all the guardian angels are lining up ……. ummmm ……… wherever guardian angels line up – to be allocated their human being – only the strongest of the strong will take up the Jamie Loots portfolio. 

Firstly he just moves faster than the rest of us.  If he isn’t cycling, he is running, paddling, swimming, jumping ……….. just ALWAYS moving.  When it comes to girls I really don’t think that he has the time to work out how a girls brain works.  For example:  Frans sees a really hot teenage girl cycling down the road.

“Look Jamie!”  Frans observes ……… nearly pranging the car.

“Nice Bike!!!”.  Jamie observes ……… nearly breaking his neck because he is trying to do an owl-like 360 degree neck movement.

I really think that Jamies ideal girl is going to come wrapped in ideal package that includes a LOT of sporting equipment that she knows how to and wants to use.

Remember, he is a 15 year old boy, and 15 year old boys don’t tell their 40-something year old mother much about anything, let alone girls.

Anyway ……….. due to many reasons or none at all, one of the school thugs decided that Jamie was his next target, and in a story which I cant tell because it is so complicated and I am still trying to get my head around, so Thug moers Jamie, Jamie blocks whilst a group of kids, as groups of kids do, watch for the entertainment.  Two people, leave the crowd and removes Jamie from the situation and stops Thug from Thugging.

“Who was the guy who stopped the fight?”  I ask.

“I Dunno!”  (15 year old boy answer to everything from “how are the starving children in China?” to “Who was the guy who pulled you off Thug”.)

So, in my mind I said a huge thanks to the heroic unnamed stranger, wanted to give him a Wimpy Voucher (Angels like Wimpy Vouchers) but couldn’t because I didn’t know who he was.

So the story ends ……… or so we thought.

As you all know by now Jamie cycles.  Being a MTB cyclist means you start in populated areas and cycle into treacherous and pretty isolated terrain with just you, your bike, maybe a limited “fix-up” kit and your fellow cyclists for backup.  Cars CANT normally go where MTB cyclists can.

Jamie sets out on the Lurie classic and whilst waiting, and waiting at the top of a looooong hill – question to self: why do MTB races always finish with a loooooong steep hill?  An oke rides past and says “Jamie had a blow-out about 10 kays into the race, he is ok people are throwing him spares”

Just to clarify here.  It is etiquette during a race, if a fellow cyclist runs into mechanical (normally tyre) failure during a race, you don’t stop you just chuck him any spares you might have with you that could help and carry on your merry way.

So we wait and wait, no Jamie.  All of a sudden Jamie minces in from the start side of the race.  He obviously hasn’t pushed his bike home, he is fresh, he is smiling, he is a bit dissapointed.

“What happened?”  We ask.

“Well, I got a blowout and the other guys threw me spares but the new tube didnt fit my bike”.  This is a very long detailed answer for a 15 year old boy.

“So how did you get home from the middle of no-where?”

“Mom, you won’t believe it ………. “  He says with a big grin on his dial “You remember the guy who pulled me out of the fight?  Well …….. he gave me a lift back to the start on the back of his bakkie”

HUH!!!!!!!!  Now what are the chances,  Jamie has a blowout in the middle of the Lurie Hills, he can’t fix his bike, and just per chance the same oke is riding past on his Dads bakkie, in the middle of nowhere, for no reason, sees Jamie, picks him up and brings him back to the start.

Goosebumps here

So what is the guys name

“I dunno!”  – lets not go here.

If this doesn’t make you believe in guardian angels I don’t know.  I wonder if he has realised how busy Jamie might keep him for a while?

Last night we were at the school prizegiving.  At prize giving the Head Prefects were announced.  And, low and behold Jamie’s Guardian Angel becomes head boy of Nico Malan High School for 2013.

Jamie you got a good draw there.

Guardian Angels ……… they are there, you may be a guardian angel yourself.

My friends are my guardian angels, so I have a guardian crowd.  They know how to be there for me and also know who to be harsh and save me from myself.

Be Good, Do Good.

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