What is it about bus seats that really cheeses people off.   And whilst we are on the topic parking bays, dining chairs, cinema seats, side of the bed and other such places-that-you-put-your-bum spots.

The other day Jamie comes home and he is really, really cross.  It doesn’t mean that much really because 15 year old boys seem to spend 60% of their lives really, really hacked off about something or other – the other 40% they are sleeping!

Anyway, Jamie is not happy.

“What’s up?”  I ask

“Someone sat in my seat on the bus this morning and wouldn’t move when I asked him” .  The reply came.

Now the first thing I do is scrape myself off the pavement.  I was genuinely expecting the “I dunno “  or “nothing” answer which I get 60% of the time, and, remember the other 40% of the time he is sleeping.

“So …………. What’s  the issue?  Surely you can just go and sit somewhere else?”


I can see this conversation is going to go absolutely nowhere so I drop the topic.

The next day I see his BBM status “got my seat back ……….. feel  like I am at home”  Next to the status is a funny picture of a yellow round face with little huggy hands around it.

A different child gets off the bus ………. He is smiling “

“how was your day?”  I ask

“I Dunno!”  He replies

The world is back to normal.

Rosie on the other hand does not mind where she sits, as long as she is sitting next to Jess F (yes there are a couple of Jessicas).  If Jess gets a lift with her Mom to school or she is sick, Rosies world is set just a tad off kilter and her world isn’t right.

In our small Village we know not to park in Leon R’s (yes there are more than one Leon) parking spot – even if the parking lot is empty, we know not to sit in Mark C’s chair at the Bakery between 7.00 am and 8.00 am, Mark (again more than one Mark) has his stool at the Pub that no-one else dares to sit on.      The guy in the red golf who worships at sunrise every morning parks in the same parking bay like clockwork.     I sleep on one side of the bed and Frans the other – this never changes.

Now this has got me thinking.  Jamie doesn’t care who sits on “his” seat during the day.  He care who farts on it or who sticks chewing gum under it…….. as long as they don’t do it between the times of 6.50 – 7.30 am and then again from 2.00 – 2.30 pm.   That is his spot for those times and nothing must change it.

The same goes for all the Rosies, Marks, Leons and Jessicas.  We mustn’t mess with other peoples little quirks.   Whilst it may seem a little amusing at the time, or you may feel you simply have to park in a certain place, or sit in a particular seat – take a minute, take a breath and just leave the world as it was before you decided to mess with it.

This whole thing isn’t about winners and losers, its about leaving our planet a better place.

If you are sitting in a place and one person is staring at you and giving you the hairy eyeball – just know you are in their spot.  Get up, move and the world will do a little adjustment and all will be right.

I am so sure that wars could have been averted if countries had just left the West Bank, or the Gaza Strip.  England should have left the Falkland islands well alone, and Zimbabwe ………….. ummmm well Zimbabwe is just too deep in it now.

How do we know, but these horrible tensions may have started because of a bus seat, a parking place or a coffee shop table …………..


One thought on “WORLD PEACE

  1. My dad has a spot reserved on the couch. Growing up, for some reason I always wanted to sit in it. And I did, when he wasn’t home of course. But when he was home everyone, even visitors, knew that spot was his. I guess it had the perfect imprint of his butt, and was the perfect TV-watching spot, and like your son, he just felt at home in it. 🙂

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