Its that time of year again.  Spring has sprung, the flowers are blossoming (in other peoples gardens), and, here in the Loots household it is time for the annual spring clean.

Now in our household we have a housekeeper called Mieta.  The basis of Mieta and my relationship is a total lack of communication.  Mieta has worked for me for 16 years and we simply do not understand each other – we like each other but we don’t understand each other ………. a little bit like a marriage.  The major basis of our lack of communication is that she only speaks Afrikaans and I speak predominantly English.

Anyway ………… I take a week off work and it goes a little like this ……..

“Mieta, this week we are going to spring clean”  I say

“OK”  She says, “Where are the springs?”

Good start!!!!

Well, the first thing that happens, as luck would have it the power goes off ……. another story.  So we start cleaning the old fashioned way, from the roof down, room by room, cupboard by cupboard.  Eventually we get to a stage where we simply need the help of a vacuum cleaner ……. did I mention the power is off and it is raining.

So I give Mieta another cupboard to sort out and I decide to tackle a horrible task of weeding the lawn.  I grab a bucket and a weeding tool – yes I did try a fork first but it bent on the first weed.

Off I start pulling and digging, and after a while I really start enjoying myself.  The house is looking really nice and I am getting rid of these niggly little critters taking over my lawn.

Well this all got me thinking ……. wouldnt it be nice if we could clean up our own personal lives just by digging the “weedy bits” out?

Firstly we have the easy ones, if you are doing things that make you unhappy – just stop doing it.  Find out why you are doing these things – lets call this taking out the root of the weeds and just stop.

If there are people in your life that are making you unhappy through their behavior and in return how hanging around them makes you act and react – you cant just pull them out and chuck them in a bin, but, you can choose how much of their weedyness you need in your life and pull them out of your lawn and make your life beautiful.  They are still going to be around ……… but not on your turf.

Sometimes we hold onto weeds because they give us hope.  I have a size 10 pair of jeans.  I can honestly say it is time to let them go.  I doubt if I will ever be a size 10 again – each time I see these jeans they make me unhappy – its time to weed these jeans out of my life.

A lot of weeds grow in our brain, maybe a child has done something which has embarrassed you or a friend has hurt you, well its time to weed their actions out of your brain and move on – you cant just pull these people out of your life because they are part of what makes your garden beautiful.  Forgive, forget and move on.  Dont dwell on old weeds.

Sometimes we make the same mistakes time and time again, and the weeds will continue growing until we take them out properly by the root, the same mistake 3 times is stupid and it means that we haven’t weeded properly our own actions and re-actions.  This doesn’t mean we don’t have a fourth chance to get the weed out root-and-all and enjoy the beautiful garden that we all have a chance to live in.

We can’t stop our neighbor throwing his weeds over the garden fence, but we can choose to pick up his rubbish throw it in the bin and ignore his actions.

Well, before I knew it, drowned in my weedy thoughts – my lawn was starting to look pretty smooth, green and unweedy.  Now maybe having this really nice lawn would be a good idea to invite friends to enjoy the lawn and garden with me.  Hey it might not be perfect but it would be perfect for me, my family and friends.




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