New Year, well 2014, is here, and, after all the planning and cooking and working over the December period we finally got to go out with old and beloved friends on the 2nd of January.

“How did your handbag business go this year?”  Gert asked me.

Oh crumbs!!!!!  How was I going to answer this one?  Just a sprinkling over a year ago, one day being the sprinkling – I had bragged to Gert how I was going to start a new business making handbags.  This business was going to be so insanely successful that within a short period of months I was going to put Prada and Gucci out of business and I was going to retire in a remote location, specifically aimed at the rich and famous, somewhere like St Francis Bay.

Just a few days before I was busy with a chuck-out and found this box full of beautiful leather samples, lovely hooks, eyes, clasps and cotton.  The problem was I couldn’t remember what the leather was for.  Now I did.

So where did the handbag business go?  Well, it sort of just fizzled out.  Life happened.  Work happened, kids happened – stuff happened.  New things also happened.  A lot of new things happened.

So what good would a year be if I didn’t learn a thing or two:

Firstly I learnt that our family could get by on less.   Less money, less food, less electricity, less entertainment and  less over-spending.   Our quality of life remained on par just without the extravagance.

Less friends, quality vs quantity became my mantra.  I began to choose my friends on who I liked and not according to popular opinion.

One of the biggest eye-openers was Rosie and her cupcake business,  in a nutshell, we couldn’t afford to send her to a horse riding show, she wanted to go, she started her own business selling cupcakes, she went to the show and through the ever-expanding business she, as a 13 year old, has learnt the value of earning your own money.  Now she can go to shows and most probably has the most disposable income in our home.

I have learnt that in order to survive you must improvise, don’t be scared of getting your hands dirty and trying something new.  Money is there to be earned honestly if you are prepared to work hard and be flexible.

I have learnt that a friend will steal an idea of yours in a flash if they think they will benefit from it.  Friends will also bulldoze you into ideas if they can make a quick buck out of it or if it makes them look good,  I have learnt that I must say no.

Turning a geyser off for 12 hours a day is not a hardship.

Jamie realizes that he can have as much fun on a 26’er bicycle as he has on a 29’er bicycle.

We have learnt that Morning Markets, dressing up to go out to dinner at a restaurant, internet marketing and valued and uncomplicated friendships are the small things in life that make it special.

But, most of all, I now see the beauty in what I have and not so much in the things I want to acquire.

Back to the handbag business, well, it is still simmering away on the backburner.  In the meantime Chalkboards have taken over my whole existence ……… that pot is bubbling away full throttle at the front of my stove.   Not doing the idea in 2013 doesn’t make me a failure, it just means that life changed direction a bit.

All in all it’s a good life, a happy and busy one.

The thought of a good year on the back of an exciting year is quietly satisfying.  I am going to quietly plod along with my plans, I am going to surround myself with people who make me feel spectacular, my camera will come out of its deep dark place and snap happiness and things that make people smile.  My blog will again become a source of joy and fulfillment.  I am going to go ahead with plans that fulfill me.  If being happy means I am going to lug my family to cycling, horseriding and sailing events, then this is what I am going to do …….. but I am going to make time for the things that make me grow as well.

2014 is a year about what makes me happy – and if I am happy inside the rest of life’s puzzle pieces will fall into place.

One thought on “2014

  1. Hello Tanya Your achievements of 2013 and hopes for 2014 are a good read. Wish you much fullfillment in the happiness you seek. Donna is mending slowly after her exloritry surgery The surgery was inconclusive and more testing is required. Much love to all the family. Regards Bill

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