48 AND 364 DAYS


Tomorrow I turn 49.  Yeah right!  So what!!  WHATS THE BIG DEAL????

Well I suppose it isn’t a big deal ……. But ………

In 366 days it will be my 50th birthday, and that, I suppose is a big deal.

Ahhhhhh the BIG 50, made it ½ a century, big party, big milestone.

But 49,  nobody says half of 98, nobody says you look good for your age.  It’s a sort of “middle child” type of birthday, sort of tucked in between the middle of the naughty forties and the ancient 50’ees.  Floating between fun and rebellion and the purple perm and crimpolene

But I happen to love this age.

During the last year, this middle of nothing year, I have learnt the following.

My bikini years are gone, and a wetsuit simply doesn’t look attractive on a “chunky” middle age chick.  However, all said and done necessity says that about 5 times a year I have to get on a sailing dingy and sail in regattas with my husband.   Acting like a princess on a sailing dingy approximately 3 square meters in size and of that size only one square meter is usable space is just not an option  ….. so I don my wetsuit and costume and sail ……. Hey!!!! I have already nabbed my man so he must put up with a semi-attractive 48 year old sharing his one square meter of heaven.

I don’t have to put up with crappy people.  I am simply over the people who stir trouble with the goal of sitting back and watching the explosion …. These people include the drama queens and kings who make everything personal, these include the people who cannot get over that there are other people on the planet other than themselves.

I can put my foot down and enjoy my life too ……

For the past 18 odd years I have spent my life fetching and carrying kids.  As a new years resolution I decided that once a month we as a family would do something that I like doing ……… the conversation went like this.

“Right guys, once a month …… it might be a day or it might be a weekend we are going to do something I like doing”


Jamie is the first to perk up ……. “So what do you want to do?”

“Well I thought that we can go camping and black water tubing”

Rosie looks at me in horror.  “You know I don’t like camping”


Jamie says, “Is there a cycle track near to where we are going?”


Rosie says.  “I wont have anyone to talk to”

Ummmm Rosie – US.  Also when I started going to ballet, swimming and horse riding I also had no friends ……….. I met new and amazing people.


So we are going to try and fit Mom time into the busy schedule …….. however due to Regattas, horse shows and cycle races this has been put on hold ……. Ahhhh a woman can but dream ……

I have learnt that a 48 and 365 year old woman can do anything …….. however ……… it just doesn’t look cool anymore.  Looking at people stand up paddle boarding looks easy ……. In reality it is darn difficult,  yes, I did it ….. on my hands and knees,  SUPPING tick.

I went to a birthday party recently and was having a rocking good time dancing with my friends.  One of the kids sidled up to me on the dance floor and said “Mom, your dancing doesn’t look good”.  Yes, the comment hurt like blazes, but, I was having a great time with my mates and I wasn’t going to let an under 20 ruin my night.

I have zip lined, quad-biked, played golf, had my first flat tyre,  modeled in a fashion show, cooked food to make money, sailed in regattas, plaited horse manes, worked with my husband, taught my son to drive, helped my daughter choose her first Valentines Ball dress, played my first round of golf, laid paving, landscaped a part of my garded, co-painted my home, argued and made up with friends and just in general had a great time.

I have learned to take the mickey out of myself on a regular basis.

But most of all I have learnt how to say no.  So at the ripe old age of 49 and 365 I now have the ability NOT to do things I don’t want to do.  I have learnt that your best friends are the ones that accept no for an answer.

Where do we go from here?  366 days of new adventures, experiences and dreams, all in anticipation of the BIG 50…. All dished up with friends that count.



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