As a Mom and Wife, Business Woman and Employee – I try and see the fun side in those small daily events that make us all special.

The blog started as a great way of clearing out all the junk in the brain.  Then it became the story of our lives, and soon, I realised what was happening in our house was exactly what was happening in millions of homes accross the globe. 

To be quite honest I really do not have a clue to this whole parenting buisness.  My method are tried and really shouldnt be tested.

“What qualifys you to do this?”  My nearest and dearest asked.  Well ……… absolutely nothing, other than that I am a Mom and Wife and I keep my eyes and ears open all the time.  I try not to just live in this world, I use all my senses and experience everything.

My opinions and stories come from my heart.  I am not qualified to give you advice but if something skimms past you that you can use ……….. well use it.

The whole bang shoot is literally the story of us, issues dealt with are issues happening here and now in our home, current events are events that have affected us.

Come join me on the Loots ride and enjoy.


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